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Centralized Energy Storage (Liquid Cooled)

Product features

Main application areas

Battery module IP67 protection level design, liquid cooling temperature control system, real-time, balanced, efficient, energy saving, longer battery life, safer, BMS, PCS, EMS, 3S linkage monitoring, real-time data collection and analysis, digital intelligent operation and control, modularized design, cluster-level control, plug-and-play, high and low-voltage separation and distribution, external door design, maintenance is simple, convenient and safe, ultra-high energy density. Small footprint, IP54 protection, C3 anticorrosion grade, standard cabinet design, to meet a variety of complex application scenarios.

It can cooperate with photovoltaic, wind power, and thermal power systems to achieve new energy consumption, smooth power output, peak shaving and valley filling, frequency and peaking  regulation, and provide auxiliary services for the grid, etc. It is widely used in all aspects of generation, transmission, distribution, and use.


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